• Reach thousands of new customers
    thru your very own website

  • A Booking Engine
    that helps you manage
    your travel business

The problems we are solving

We created the Nomad Travlr System because we felt your need

What is Nomad Travlr?

You're getting all these and more

  Instant market visibility

You're missing out on the 37 million Filipinos online in the country and the 10 million Filipinos working abroad thinking of their vacations the next time they return home. Not to mention the millions of foreigners looking to have more fun in the Philippines. Expand your market to the world from the comfort of your own office!

The Booking Engine that enables travel agencies to receive bookings

Nomad Travlr has its own booking engine directly integrated with your public-facing website. We're not giving you a plain static site or a blog designed to look like a travel website: we'll provide a website specifically designed for the needs of modern travel agencies responding to the demands of always-connected tech savvy customers.

A website professionally designed, coherent and modern

Visually stunning, modern, mobile-ready, responsive, fast loading and made with the latest web technologies. With Nomad Travlr you will be getting a beautifully designed website that follows the most current web standards. These sites are ready to be used in almost all platforms you can think of -- desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones -- and will be blazingly fast even with relatively slow internet connections.

Customer support that's always ready to assist

Our team of highly trained, professional team of support specialists are not only knowledgeable in every last detail of Nomad Travlr. They are also trained to guide you, respond to your queries, and teach even the most novice of computer users. Along with our 24-hour technical support, as well as additional services such as graphic design and encoding for when you need an extra special touch to your site.

Its like hiring a team of highly experienced software engineers, software architects and infrastructure engineers

With Nomad Travlr your site will be in the skilled hands of professional software architects, as well as software and infrastructure engineers to ensure that it's always available and responsive to your and your customers' needs. No need for you to find, hire, and retain your own team!

Rock-solid network infrastructure at zero cost to you

Nomad Travlr takes the pain of buying and maintaining your own hardware and infrastructure away. Our team performs this using technology, techniques, and standards at par with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Facebook. This deep level of expertise allows us to provide websites and infrastructure that are truly world class.

Manage your inventory from a central command center

The Nomad Travlr Booking Engine, which comes free with your website, makes it easy to manage your inventory. Adding accomodations, tours, transport, and activities will instantly and automatically be reflected in the website and visible to your customers. It allows you to set availability dates, peak and off-peak rates, and set the corresponding dates for when these rates apply.

Nomad Travlr also allows you to add promos and blog posts to help you better reach out to your customers. Your packages, posts and promos are automatically integrated with your social media accounts, for maximum virality. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram your promotions are easy to like, share, re-post and retweet!

On top of all this you'll also get a customer relationship management system to help you provide excellent service to your clients.

Your brand. Your website. Your travel packages. Always connected.

We're not giving you a plain static site or a blog designed to look like a travel website: we'll provide a website specifically designed for the needs of modern travel agencies responding to the demands of always-connected tech savvy customers. Nomad Travlr allows you to easily create and design a travel website with easy customization and tons of available templates to get the look and feel that you want.

We also make it easy to allow the seamless integration of your branding, including your logos, fonts, and color schemes, to maximize brand recognition. High quality designs and visually stunning photographs will adorn your site to capture the imagination of your customers, leading to more sales.

Built by seasoned software architects and engineers

Nomad Travlr is built and maintained by some of the best software and infrastructure engineers, many of us having experience in setting up ISPs and having worked in global corporations. But not only that: we're deeply involved in travel, whether for work or play.

We've traveled around Asia, Europe and the US, and have set up travel and tourism businesses ourselves. Our engineers have worked with the some of the biggest, high-traffic travel websites and booking systems in the world. We understand very deeply the needs and wants of our customers -- because we honed our skills in the same industry.

The help that you need is always at your fingertips

Our Customer Support teams are results-obsessed with a can-do approach to customer service that defines everything we do. You don’t have to pay extra for it: it's available the moment you sign up for Nomad Travlr. This means that our customer support associates and their specialized expertise in the system will always be on-hand for you.

We think of ourselves as an extension of your business, ready to assist you every step of the way. You can reach us via whatever form of communication you prefer, whether it be with email, online chat, over mobile, or over the phone.

We'll be there for you every step of the way.

How does it work?

We have designed a 3-phase approach to get your business online as soon as possible.

Phase 1 - Build your inventory
Add all your Accommodations, Tours, Activities and Travel Packages via the Booking Engine.
Phase 2 - Design your website
We created dozens of widgets that you can select to get the look and feel of your website just right.
Phase 3 - Launch
Final checks are conducted to make sure everything is in order prior to launch. Hello World!

The Nomad Travlr System

Our System's features to bring your website to the next level

  • Streamlined booking workflow

    A simplified website navigation system means your customers can easily locate your packages and book them within a few clicks

  • Catalog of your entire inventory

    An inventory system for everything you sell; Accommodations, Activities and Tours. Then we took it one step further by creating a Package builder that lets you combine multiple inventory items into one

  • Blog and promotions

    We wanted to give your site a voice, informing your customers of your latest and greatest travel package

  • Booking Engine and CRM

    Whatever your customer selects from your website, the booking engine tallies everything for you automatically. When you arrive at work in the morning, your bookings from the previous night are ready to go

  • Visually stunning pages

    We love looking at beautiful websites. Our designs emphasize on pictures, color combinations and typography.
    We want your site to look drop dead gorgeous. Rawr.

  • Easy to use website designer

    We built a website designer thats easy to use so that you spend less time designing and more time on what matters most, providing the best holidays for your customers

How Much Does It Cost?

We have simplified the cost of subscribing for the Nomad Travlr system



₱5k Sign Up Fee

Unlimited Inventory

Unlimited Customers

Unlimited Data

Unlimited System Upgrades

Full Customer Support

Your Own Domain

Inclusive of Tax

Why Should i Subscribe?

Reach your customers anywhere in the world with the Nomad Travlr System

  • Unlock a bold new market and profits that come with it

    With maximum visibility on the web, your online presence opens you up to the vast market of nearly 50 million Filipinos here and abroad that use the internet, with the ability to take up your promos, packages, or mix and match your individual tours, accommodations and transfer services as they please. This maximizes your sales, without having to worry about maintaining your website.

  • Compete with even the largest Online travel agencies

    Online travel agencies are growing bigger and bigger everyday, and they are targeting the same customers that you're going after.

    The hard truth is that they are winning.

  • Post your hottest travel packages instantly on your website

    We're not giving you a plain static site or a blog designed to look like a travel website: we'll provide a website specifically designed for the needs of modern travel agencies responding to the demands of always-connected tech savvy customers.

    Your Brand, Your Website, Your Packages.

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